Clark: Fisher seems genuinely excited about 2015 team -

He says there's "no doubt' hunger is a characteristic of this 2015 squad. "These guys didn't work difficult in all. but I truly like this a portion of our team."

I've been participating in along with (painfully) transcribing Jimbo Fisher press conferences for eight years now. "I such as the demeanor associated with this football team. because you may find two days each and also every yr exactly where college football coaches are always one hundred % positive - National Signing Day and in addition the initial day of fall camp.

It's only practiced once. Simply dudes inside pads waiting to go home.

And but it won its very first 13 games and also yet another ACC Championship.

So maybe the particular hunger wasn't there similar to it was when 2013 started. Also although acknowledging how much expertise the actual Seminoles lost from your 13-1 team of 2014.

When referring for you to this team, I consider he genuinely believes what he's saying.

Just in order to reiterate: He actually likes it. Fisher admits that. I really, actually just similar to the personalities, your people, the actual demeanor, the job ethic, the particular toughness issues. He really, truly does.

During this answer your FSU head coach in addition had certainly 1 of the particular very best Jimboisms throughout current memory.

They had been just about all furthermore national champions.

"I'm telling you, this can be team is truly a very, very conscientious, hard-working team involving guys," Fisher said. Maybe go seize any beer? Play several pool? Oooh! Maybe even consider it fishing! Thus many possibilities.

How awesome can be that?

What's funny about last year's team is that it never seemed to totally reach its potential, to try out to the degree we had been just about all expecting when it started the entire year No. We don't have any leaders. The Actual chemistry can be terrible. I actually like every associated with this team's intangibles. Today we've have got to go play football. This particular 1 offers a amount of excellent characteristics and I'm hoping in which keeps developing."

"No team I've ever, ever been about in 28 years of coaching features at just about any time been the actual same," Fisher said. one within the country.. I really feel similar to I understand when he's providing us coach-speak when he truly genuinely believes what he's saying.

Obviously we take his praise regarding this year's team by incorporating grains of salt. He could currently feel, just inside the offseason, that team has a various personality when compared with final year's.

"So I'll always be drunk regarding the vast majority of the actual fall. 5 with the departures had been underclassmen, including the particular No. any questions?"

Even if every coach inside the nation can be declaring the precise same thing.

But 11 associated with individuals guys are generally inside the NFL now. Or Even just about any followers. but in your program of his press conference he had been talking consequently glowingly concerning the 2015 squad that I requested him flat-out: "Are these things you'll have stated concerning last year's team, too?"

"Not as consistently," Fisher said. And In Which I don't mean to consider anything far from (2014) - which was a special team now using what it really did. Robin/Democrat)

"I'll be honest," the coach would say. EDT August 6, 2015

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher watches his team during the team's Lift with regard to life event last week.(Photo: D.A. Just About All coaches say comparable things in the beginning of each along with every along with every season. one all round pick, plus they all knew these folks were in the money year when the 2014 season started.

By your way, I hope that's how most of you feel about this column - if it absolutely was a real living, breathing human you'd want to become friends with it. "Not maybe as much. "They're almost all entirely different."

And I think he's legitimately excited concerning the intangibles, the actual work-ethic, the particular hunger he's seen from this group.

Anyway, again to become able to Fisher.

Of course, it could become news if he - or virtually any head coach with regard to that will issue - mentioned something different to start a new season.

Corey Clark, Tallahassee Democrat 10:26 p.m. Or Perhaps even such as football. I really do. However the Florida State head coach invested significantly involving his press conference on Thursday referring to how impressed he's been through this group in the offseason.

Imagine which scene.

Jimbo Fisher seems to genuinely similar to his 2015 football team.

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And Fisher wasn't any different upon Thursday, extolling the actual virtues of his 2015 squad. Not Really even in pads yet. Heck, several of these can't even spell 'chemistry.' and none of which watch film. These People actually don't seem to such as every other. but this (team) can be young, too. "If this (team) was a person, it would always be a buddy regarding mine."

As glorious as it might be, we're by simply no means likely to observe an instant similar to this


Jon Stewart, Kevin Hart And Comedy's Dynamic Over-The-Top Future - Forbes

As we say goodbye to Jon Stewart's stewardship of The Daily Show, I'm reminded that we've had to say a lot of goodbyes in comedy in the last eighteen months. Some have been historic, a la David Letterman. Others have been bittersweet, such as Stephen Colbert (oh so funny send-off, but wouldn't you love to see his character taking on (or rooting for) Donald Trump every night?). Some we've hardly noticed (Jay Leno, anyone?). And still others have had the tint of tragedy attached, most notably the untimely losses of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. All of this leaves me pondering comedy's future.

As Stewart now exits stage left, we're not just losing a show (although whither The Daily Show sans Stewart?), but an impresario of comedy. Stewart didn't invent "fake journalism"; we've had SNL's Weekend Update for the last 40 years, and in the 1960s a primetime network show called "That Was the Week That Was." But Stewart did create a real comedic institution, emanating first and foremost from a late-night cable TV home. So what I'll miss most is that sense that it didn't fully happen in the news until Stewart and his merry band weighed in on it. Stewart has served as an impresario (curator in digital speak) of comedic news - and comedy in general - for more than a decade. The list of comedy stars spawned by Stewart is legendary: Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and more.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 04: 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' building exteriors at The Daily Show Building on August 4, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Stewart has followed in a lot of glorious "comedy impresario" footsteps, from P.T. Barnum (sadly leaving us those scary circus clown) to The Comedy Store's Mitzi Gaynor, to TV comedic geniuses such as Carl Reiner, Norman Lear and Lorne Michaels to the motion picture stable assembled by producer/director Judd Apatow (a self-proclaimed comedy "nerd"). You can fill in your own favorite. The biggest question for me in the post Stewart-led Daily Show world is what does the next generation of comedy impresarios look like?

There are certainly a lot of big names in the comedy business today, from Viacom's Comedy Central to Time Warner's HBO to independent Funny or Die. But for all of their strengths, each of these big players has their "issues" (don't we all?). As the New York Times Magazine recently wrote, Comedy Central faces the challenge of many mid-tier cable networks: increasing pressure to innovate (read: spend more) in programming for a 24/7 network at a time when cable ratings are falling and subscriber fees harder to come by from cable and satellite companies themselves feeling consumer push back against the "bundle." The market's huge selloff in media stocks yesterday in reaction to Disney's earnings (read: ESPN performance) isn't the end of the world, but it does demonstrate a genuine - and justified - nervousness about the basic cable network future. For HBO and Funny or Die, their challenge is the need to own more programming in the comedy area. Without ownership or control of long-term rights to the programming, their comedy brands will have an increasingly difficult time in the on-demand, increasingly "over-the-top" digital world.

In the search for new impresarios, I recently spent some time with Brian Volk-Weiss, President of Comedy Dynamics, an emerging and intriguing player in the comedy space. Interestingly enough, Comedy Dynamics' business partner in one of their most recent offerings is none other than one of the most successful comics on the scene today, Kevin Hart. In this partnership we can perhaps see the kernels of the next generation of the comedy impresario business.

You probably haven't heard of Comedy Dynamics, but as Volk-Weiss discussed with me, their presence on the comedy scene is impressive. They list themselves as the "#1 independent producer and distributor of comedy content in North America" and I'm hard-pressed to argue the point. They are the digital distribution hub for "A-list" comedic talent such as Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan and many others, and with a digital-first strategy, they syndicate their produced and/or owned content across a number of video streaming platforms. On Hulu, they control 50% of the comedy content, they have 900,000 followers on SoundCloud (closely trailing leader Comedy Central), and they program two hours per day on Sirius/XM.

The company is very data-driven in terms of what they decide to invest in for production and distribution, but it's not the data you're thinking of. Rather than simply focus on Twitter followers or Facebook likes, their eyes are trained on good old cash - the box office from the booming live comedy business (clubs, theaters, arenas). If you can make it there, you might just make it in the video world as well. They aren't comedy snobs - the company owns Gallagher content (remember the guy who used to smash watermelons?) as well as that of stand-up comedy icons like Bill Hicks. As Volk-Weiss told me, "don't judge your audience. The only thing I care about the audience is how big it is." Their goal in the next 18 months is to be 50% ad-based, 30% over-the-top subscription (think Netflix for comedy) and 20% a la carte (the one-off special). And the key to all of that from the Volk-Weiss perspective is content ownership, which they see as critical to success to any content syndication.

Of course, the actual sources of so much comedy content are the comedians themselves, and that's why I find the Kevin Hart relationship so fascinating. The new Comedy Dynamics-Kevin Hart-produced comedy special isn't even a Kevin Hart special! It features comedian Keith Robinson, and Hart serves as a co-impresario here, clearly helping to provide a high profile platform for his comedy "mentor." Given a recent comment by Jerry Seinfeld at the Crackle Upfront (in response to my question) that he would love to have a one-stop digital home for all things Seinfeld, it left me wondering if we may see a parade of other comedy performers (Louis C.K. and Hart being two obvious choices) who might simply forego all middlemen and just head over-the-top themselves. If they are the brand themselves - why not? But Volk-Weiss pointed out to me that while every successful comic hones their comedic craft (and over a years-long process), it's much rarer for the creative talent to want to take on the chore of running the business itself. Steve Martin once said "Comedy Isn't Pretty." But business is often downright ugly. Maybe we best leave that to a new breed of over-the-top impresarios. I'll be watching - and hopefully laughing in the appropriate places - all along the way.

Howard helps clients manage the dynamically changing media business through his work at MediaLink. He is also at; and on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lyricist, comic book writer Lee Goldsmith, 92, is celebrated at his retirement ... - Miami Herald

We were almost all invited in order to venture out in order to California along with perform there, yet I didn't want to leave New York," Goldsmith said. a diva desires all involving the attention, along with look at him up there. He is known because the force behind stories of fictional characters such since the Green Lantern, the Flash along with Surprise Woman, which is his favorite.

Lee Goldsmith, 92, sat before an entire auditorium with East Ridge in Cutler Bay in Saturday and advised the tale involving how he quickly began his profession inside the comic guide industry.

Goldsmith is really a former writer with regard to DC Comics as well as lyricist pertaining to Broadway musicals. Other People had posters.

The event from East Ridge paid out total homage for you to comic e-book characters, especially to Goldsmith.

Musical theater ended up being one of your pillars in which bonded Goldsmith and his awesome partner, Jeff Haller, once they fulfilled in 1997.

Goldsmith wrote lyrics with regard to musicals which includes Abe, Your Lincoln Musical; Chaplin, a story about the life associated with film star Charlie Chaplin; as well as the Broadway show Sextet starring Dixie Carter. "So I turned which down and gave up the comics, as well as I get not regretted a moment ever since."

"I in absolutely no way thought of it [as some thing special] when I did it," mentioned Goldsmith, in his talent for creating comics. He was additionally one of the particular journalists at the particular rear of Girls' love Stories, the range regarding comics that was really popular with teenagers and small women until the actual 1970s.

East Ridge residents and other neighbors had been invited in order to celebrate him, and also to recall the impact of comic guide characters. Your East Ridge staff put together the huge event in order to honor Goldsmith -- that lives in the retirement house -- pertaining to his accomplishments. "Lee can become a diva and furthermore this is such a diva wants. all ages attended, through youngsters to seniors.

After Goldsmith's speech, visitors and also fans stood in range pertaining to autographs as well as pictures. "Superheroes lived between your insures involving inexpensive paper within comic books. Generally there had been in addition raffles and a costume contest, where those who wore superhero costumes had a opportunity to get prizes.

"We met at the opera 1 day, at the restaurant subsequent door towards the opera house, Miami Dade County Auditorium, and in which we knew inside similar to three seconds of meeting each other in which this was it," said Haller, 57. He's 92 heading about 19."

"It's lovely, nevertheless I keep thinking I'm faking it," stated Goldsmith, laughing. Writers like our guest of honor had being the superhero himself to compose regarding them."

Cotton candy, ice cones, encounter painting, hotdogs, burgers, a cookie buffet and countless beverages had been in addition offered in the party.

"Warner Bros., the actual movie studio within California, bought the actual comic books and therefore they moved everything to California. "I haven't study a new comic e-book in 45 years." . Goldsmith made a determination to remain throughout his hometown, Ny City.

He left comics aside as well as shifted in the actual direction of an art form he describes as his correct love: musical theater. some wore costumes. after 30 years, the comic e-book market transferred to Los Angeles.

Follow @CataBalzano in Twitter.

"He can be one of your few remaining writers within this nation that breathed the really first gust involving air to the fantasy existence involving some associated with the nearly all amazing superheroes which we've ever known, as well as we'll at just about any time know," stated Rick Drew, whom works with East Ridge, as he gave the particular introduction speech at the event. Goldsmith furthermore helped create War Stories and also Your Westerns comics.

With the increasing popularity regarding comic books all through the particular 1940s, Goldsmith earned $200 per week creating a pair of scripts weekly


Startup Insider: RISE Conference Recap - Time For Asia To Think 'Global' - Huffington Post

Greater than just localization, they likewise discussed the significance of culturalization as well as understanding the behaviors of locals as well as how they interact with modern technology.

Jenny believes that the next wave of technologies will be coming from Asia as a result of the manufacturing competence that the area has. When Jack Ma introduced Alibaba and also began raising money, more compared to 200 Endeavor Capitalists flat-out rejected him however he didn't provide up. This kind of cross-pollination and international interaction might merely be the crucial component that will certainly drive the following wave of video game changing start-ups and also unicorns from Asia. right from the obtain go

She foresees a future where firms can offer smart data for equipments that will permit them to work without a human informing them what to do. So we merely concentrate on our product, user testimonials as well as individual comments, and solve every trouble provided by the individual reviews.".

Remarkable names that went to the occasion include Neil Shen (Sequoia Resources Creator), Jenny Lee (GGV Funding Managing Partner), Dave McClure (500 Start-ups Founder), John Collison (Red stripe Cofounder), Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO), Takeshi Idezawa (Line CEO), Ray Chan (9Gag Cofounder), to name a few. For plenty, it was the biggest startup seminar they've ever before attended. Cheetah Mobile has actually already gone public on the NASDAQ with just 4 years of operations, while Xero, an accountancy software program developer from New Zealand is intending to do so following year too.

Pole Drury shared, "Originating from a tiny country, when you only have 4 million customers, you need to assume global from day one.

2015-08-04-1438654752-2417974-IMG_3237.JPG Simply a peek of the numerous startups that displayed.

The usual point that assisted both Cheetah Mobile as well as Xero expand so quickly? They began believing about the global market from the first day.

The Future is in Asia.

RISE held a start-up competition that had two classifications, the 'Pitch' group, which saw two IoT start-ups and also one genetics start-ups fight it out in the finals, as well as the 'Breakthrough' category for companies just beginning out. I assume one of our benefits being beyond the US is we've had to consider several nations right from day 1.".

The Secret to Localisation in the International Game.

Goxip Chief Executive Officer Juliette Gimenez shared, "There's consistently one minute when we wish to lose hope nearly every day however you cannot simply turned off. We're also seeing the globalization of the majority of things. If you read the publication of Steve Jobs, there was a sentence to explain how Jobs believes, 'there's not going to be any kind of local phones in the future', as well as certainly the Apple apple iphone went around the world.".

While previous summits in the Asia region have concentrated on the expanding Asia start-up scene, the RISE Conference highlighted a bigger overarching motif of globalization. These were merely a couple of trends we saw from the more than 500 start-ups at the INCREASE Conference.

While there was a big focus that was put on 'ALPHA' stage start-ups that were still in the very very early stage, there were also a lot more established startups that showed as part of the 'BEGINNING' area including EduKart, Peatix, aCommerce, TradeGecko, Shopline, HotelQuickly, re:3 D and even more. We've seen over the past 5-10 years the quantity you can do as a little start-up could truly explode.".

We spoke with a great deal of start-up founders over both days at INCREASE, as well as the usual suggestions they had for striving business owners was, "never ever lose hope". If Jack Ma went via a journey like that and also developed the firm in over 10 years, we reached be the next one.".

One of the first panel sessions at the Centre Phase was a panel on the game market. She started out her panel discussion by asking the viewers, "Do you understand where your clever phones come from?" The solution? Asia. There is no person nation that could declare that they're running ahead because equipment is really hard. The item has to look awesome, the customer needs to have the ability to capture information ...".

2015-08-04-1438655796-1096385-PhotosTakenfromRISETwitteraccount.jpgThe RISE Conference Group right from Dublin (Photo drawned from the RISE Twitter Account).

The actual reality that Web Top, a Dublin based seminar planner made a decision to bring INCREASE to Asia shows that more people from around the globe have their eyes on Asia. We want to dig much deeper and also exhibit stories, recommendations and also driving lessons from creators, capitalists and also other key gamers in the expanding startup ecological community around the world. It's that starting a startup is really cool today (One of Red stripe's major customers are start-ups). Internet Top is the innovation seminar kept in Dublin, Ireland. I think in the future, no business will be regional. Renowned game entrepreneurs Arthur Chow, Yat Siu and Misha Lyalin shared insights on how you can think global while still keeping your game pertinent to the neighborhood market.

Floship CEO Steve Suh included, "Entrepreneurship is a lengthy quest and there will be times when emotionally you're visiting struggle as well as ask yourself, 'Is this actually visiting exercise?' It takes a whole lot of willpower each day and making certain that your subordinates are on the exact same page as well as are consistently inspired.".

Below are some of our crucial takeaways and also highlights from the occasion.

-- About the Writer--.

Sheng Fu shared, "It was my first trip to the US simply 5 years back when I recognized the biggest difference between the United States people and the Chinese individuals is the desire.

At the exact same time, she additionally believes that data compilation is still at its infancy which in the following 5-10 years, we'll be seeing even more sensors and also data collection being made use of to produce also smarter gizmos as well as technologies, with the internet of things being an area she sees big capacity for interruption.

Startup Trends.

Globalization is today and also Future.

There was a great deal of hype and buzz entailed when Web Summit announced that they were holding their first ever event in Asia, the INCREASE Seminar. One of one of the most expected panel conversations consisted of GGV Capital Companion Jenny Lee, which was the highest-ranked woman on the Forbes Midas Listing.

Startup Suggestions - 'Do not ever before quit'.

Jenny shared, "We'll see this advancement occurring as well as it will be on an international basis. It was a conversation that would turn out to be appropriate for most startups even outside the video gaming sector.

Cheetah Mobile Chief Executive Officer Sheng Fu shared, "Recognize that globalization is a tidal wave for the future.

David Ongchoco is a pupil business owner and passionate author from the Philippines examining at the College of Pennsylvania learning exactly what he wants to call, LIFE.

Start-up Expert is a collection of short articles with the goal of helping ambitious creators and entrepreneurs recognize the ins as well as outs of starting a start-up. Netflix is globalizing TV; Uber is globalizing taxi. It's David's goal making an influence in the lives of as lots of people feasible while frequently learning new things each and every day. He shared, "The mobile net has made it less complicated compared to before.

We got the possibility to sit down with Cheetah Mobile Chief Executive Officer Sheng Fu as well as Xero Chief Executive Officer Pole Drury.

They highlighted the significance of focusing on the 'outside video game', that includes using neighborhood marketing stations, holding local events and also employing a local group. Web Summit has actually grown from 400 to over 22,000 guests given that it drew back in 2011 but SURGE Conference started with a bang with over 5000 guests from over 75 countries.

Mobile Ecommerce, Fin Technology, Clean Technology, Ed Technology, Information Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Web of Points (IoT), Computer Vision, Drones, Wearable Technologies, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing ... He is presently working on broadening his nonprofit company YouthHack. If you assume you could alter the world, you have the opportunity.

Stripe Cofounder John Collsion shared an essential factor on why his startup has handled to grow its brand so quickly from startup to unicorn.

Imitated the Web Top, the RISE Conference included four main phases, the Device, Venture, Advertising and marketing and also Builders phase in addition to a pitch competition and numerous startups exhibiting.

2015-08-04-1438655395-2121236-PhotoTakenfromWinnieChoysTwitterAccount.jpg The Goxip team after winning the BreakthroughHK Pitch Competition (Image extracted from Winnie Choy's Twitter Account).

The champion for the 'Pitch' final occasion was Ambi Environment, a wise cooling gadget, while the victor for the 'Advancement' event was Goxip, a mobile-first program that permits users to search, find & & go shopping manner by image acknowledgment, message search and also celebrity design feeds. She offered the example of nobody owning a vehicle anymore considering that cars will recognize specifically when you have to head out based on your calendar. If you don't think of it, you'll never ever have the chance.".

As the Web, startup and also modern technology globes remain to create, the world will only get flatter and also more worldwide companies will bulge in the next few years.

2015-08-04-1438654483-3735220-IMG_3241.JPG GGV Funding Taking care of Companion Jenny Lee addressing questions concerning the future of innovation in Asia.

Our conversation with Cheetah Mobile Chief Executive Officer Sheng Fu additionally unveiled another essential method of centering through user reviews. David could be reached at

Start-up Expert attended the event to keep in mind of usual patterns arising from both Asia and the West as start-ups from Eastern nations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Malaysia as well as even more displayed along with startups from the United States, Canada, UK as well as much more. Perhaps, all the business are worldwide firms because mobile Web has made the world flatter compared to previously. "It's not a lot that Stripe is amazing. You could join to keeping up to this day with this series here.

Think Global.


Tennis: Bank of West Classic carries on without Serena Williams - San Jose Mercury News

STANFORD -- With Serena Williams out of the Bank of the West Classic because of injury, tournament officials lost not only a player who brightens any marquee but also one in the midst of a historic year.

But the tournament must go on, and Monday it did.

So, what's left?

As usual on the opening day of play, the top four seeds were paraded into the media center at Stanford's Taube Family Tennis Stadium, all sharing thoughts about the start of hard-court season and the year to this point.

Caroline Wozniacki, Agnieszka Radwanska, Carla Suarez Navarro and Karolina Pliskova, combined, trail Williams 21-0 in the category of grand slam singles championships won, but all are ranked among the world's top 11.

Wozniacki is the most accomplished of the quartet. She is still in search of winning a big one, but not many players can say they have spent 67 weeks ranked No. 1.

Now fifth, Wozniacki comes into the hard-court season seeking the right chord to claim a U.S. Open championship she nearly won a year ago.

Wozniacki lost to Williams in the 2014 U.S. Open final, an outcome that launched the second "Serena" slam of Williams' career -- winning all four major titles in succession.

While Williams has soared at the grand slam tournaments in the past year, Wozniacki, 25, has taken a step back. She has not advanced into the latter stages of a major since the straight-sets loss to Williams.

Wozniacki said she played through a back issue during the recent grass-court season -- she lost at Wimbledon in the fourth round -- but is refreshed after taking time off.

"It was real nice to get away from everything and have fun and be with my friends and just do normal stuff," she said.

Wozniacki is scheduled to make her Bank of the West debut Thursday night, calling the occasion very rare at this stage in her career.

"I feel like a rookie," she said. "Every time I go to a tournament I know exactly where everything is. I know my favorite restaurants. I know which hotel to check in to. I know my favorite courts, my practice courts, everything.

"All of a sudden I am here, and I am like, 'Where is the hotel? Where is the court? Where is the nearest restaurant?' I haven't met this crowd before, either. But I am sure they're going to be great."

A potential crowd favorite, Atherton 16-year-old CiCi Bellis, looked as if she were on the verge of a stirring rally Monday afternoon. But after getting back on serve late in the second set, the kid who stunned the tennis world at the U.S. Open last summer lost to Misaki Doi of Japan 6-3, 7-6 (3).

A victory would have moved Bellis, who received a wild-card spot in the field, into a prime-time match Wednesday night against Radwanska, the No. 2 seed.

"Obviously that would have been really cool," said Bellis, ranked No. 157. "But I knew my first round would be really hard. These types of tournaments, still for me, it's hard to win a couple of games, let alone matches. "

Bellis made big headlines last August when, at 15, she defeated the 2014 Australian Open runner-up Dominika Cibulkova at the U.S. Open.

Nicole Gibbs, a former Stanford All-American, reached the main draw through qualifying and then advanced Monday with a 6-4, 7-5 victory over Caroline Garcia.

Madison Keys, the seventh seed, cruised past Aleksandra Krunic 6-3, 6-0 in the night session. The 20-year-old Keys had a breakthrough this year when she reached the Australian Open semifinals.

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